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American boys and young men have swapped the cathartic violence of football for the simulacrum that is flag football. NFL games are more Sundays than any other NFL game, where the youngsters play a rough, helmet-less game of "tackle football" in which the courts are covered in foliage.

The training camp has begun and the football kick-off is imminent. I came back in 1982 to witness Larry Holmes beat Tex Cobb in a bloody, one-sided fight. At the time, I watched in horror as two helmets rammed into each other and exploded in the middle of the field in front of a crowd of about 30,000 people.

In the years after Zac's death, Ali devoted himself to raising funds for scientific research to help protect athletes, especially young athletes, from going the same way as Zac. Inspired by Zac and some other patients struggling to find timely and high-quality concussion care, he pushed for the construction of a new facility focused primarily on concussions. I was fortunate enough to work with Spooner at the University of Iowa Medical Center in Des Moines in the early 1990s. Janssen taught language in seventh grade, coached the Indian girls' team and the girls' basketball team.

I coordinated CTE Hope's communications for several years before returning to Iowa this year to host the spring gala. When I pressed Brenda again and again on how she feels about football today, she lost her nerve when I pressed her on whether the lessons of football outweigh the risks of sport. What took football and the NFL so long to realise the damage that sport can do?

More specifically, it missed a time when football could be played and seen in a way that you couldn't see without knowing exactly what a punch to the head does to a player's brain. Kluver knows the role football plays in brain development, not just in football but in other sports. Those who are trying to make football a "Sissy game" are reacting to the Carnegie Foundation's 1931 report that predicted that touch football would replace tackle football.

Brenda Easter, who shrugged when her future husband first played first-team football at Drake University and cries when her three sons are involved in crunching punches on the grid, has done everything for the sport. Myles watched boxing matches until society thought boxing was too primitive and dangerous and we lost our collective stomach for it. At the Iowa State University football game on Saturday night, the television was silent, tuned to the Vikings and Packers.

The next day, on Christmas Eve, Ali and Jake drove to Lambeau for the first massive tailgate, and family and friends gathered in the parking lot where Zac's hardscrabble ancestors settled in Iowa shortly after the Civil War. We screamed as the Packers beat the Vikings 38-25 and knocked their arch rival out of the playoff race.

Ali gave gifts to Zac's parents and brother, picture frames engraved with his signature, and she wore a red, white and blue polka dot dress with the Packers logo on it. We sat in a semi-circle in the back of the car with Zac, his parents, Jake, Ali's sister and Jake's husband Jason.

Johnston left CIML after the 1997-98 school year and Winterset left CIML for the Raccoon River Conference. South Tama, formerly a member of the WaMaC Conference, also joined the league this year, but membership dropped to seven when Knoxville switched to the South Central Conference and Boone left the league to join. The conference played its first season of the 1998 conference game, with Boone joining the North / South Conference (now the Central American Conference) and the South / West Conference in 1999.

Indianola is still a 4A school, but enrollment has dropped and it is now the smallest school in CIML. The majority of the members are four schools in the Central Conference South and two in South Tama, with one coming from the North / South and the South / West Conference.

Football is great because it teaches you how to deal with physical pain without completely defeating it, while making you a real American man. Footballers know pain in all sports, both at the beginning and later in life, and pain is the price of admission. There are times when older footballers suffer from bad knees and constant joint pain, but football is terrible because it brings so much. Most of us don't play because we kind of start from scratch and destroy ourselves in the process.

As many scientists claim, it may not be the huge, bone-rattling blows that are the primary precursor to CTE, but the multiple sub-concussive blows that occur during the early years of a footballer's career, particularly in the early years.

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